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Winter School Holiday Activities

Looking for ways to entertain the little ones these winter holidays? We’ve put together a list of creative and educational ideas to entertain inquisitive little minds while it’s cold outside.

For more crafty inspo to keep the kids busy, check out our pinterest board (what a lifesaver that place is!) we’ve been putting together for even more fun activities we want to try ourselves! 

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Babies and Toddlers

Sensory bottles

Sensory mats and bottles are a great way to get little minds exploring movement, light and colours. These bottles are easy to make, and you can even get the bigger siblings to help out.

Bubble Wrap Prints

Little ones love to create, and helping them explore colours and textures is a great way to introduce them to art techniques at a young age. Combine a rolling pin with some bubble wrap for some creative fun.

Hidden Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs + Digging… What more is there to say? A super easy sensory experience.

3-5 Years

Leaf Bugs

Nature based crafts are a great way to encourage a love of nature and boost creative thinking. This cute activity sees little ones creating bugs out of different shaped leaves, sticks and other materials found in the backyard. This can be a great opportunity to throw in a few botany and entomology lessons too!

Dinosaur Eggs

How cool are dinosaurs?! This activity combines science and fun to help your little ones uncover dinosaurs. What’s not to love here

Water Experiment

This is a great little science experiment that also happens to be super pretty. Use paper towels, cups, water and food colouring to teach kids about the process of capillary action.

Bigger Kids

Flower Lanterns

Pressing flowers is a great free activity that teaches about nature, as well as producing pretty results. This project combines flower pressing with lantern making in this fun activity for bigger kids.


Where I live Stacking Cups

Help kids learn about the geographical concepts of home, and where that fits into the wider sense of the worlds. This is a fun educational activity to help develop knowledge of where they live – and it involves a little recycling which is always a good thing.

We hope you have fun with these activities and we’d LOVE to see your amazing creations. Don’t forget to tag us on social media so we can see. 


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Don’t forget to take a look at our Pinterest for more fun ideas to keep your little ones busy these school holidays!

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