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The Perfect Picnic

Looking for an amazing way to spend time with your significant other or with the kids over the weekend or during the holidays? Why not go on the perfect picnic! We’ve prepared the perfect list to ensure your picnic is a relaxing and fun time!

Here Are Our Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Picnic:


The first step is to find the perfect location, whether it’s the backyard, the beach, the park, anywhere with a beautiful view will do! 🌄


Picnic Blankets and Pillows

After you’ve chosen your perfect destination you’ll need somewhere comfy to sit, you don’t want to sit on the itchy grass or risk having sandy food. Firstly you’re going to need a picnic blanket to put all of your food and drinks on. Secondly you’re going to need a comfy seat for your bum, bring along some spare cushions or pillows to sit on top on the blanket to ensure the most relaxing picnic possible.


Food Obviously!

Our favourite snacks to take on a picnic are watermelon, strawberries, grapes, cheese & crackers, olives (for the big kids), salami sticks, chips & dip and maybe even some cupcakes. 🧁🍓



Depending on who’s attending this picnic your choice of beverages may change, if it is a whole family occasion, opting for some water, juice, lemonade or even some iced tea! But if it is a romantic grown ups picnic, some wine might do the trick. 😉🥂

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The Most Important Step!

After you’ve organised the location, food, drinks and blankets the ultimate picnic wouldn’t be complete without our Wine and Cheese table, this gorgeous wooden table is at the perfect height to keep the food off the ground away from pesky bugs and for easy grazing. After you’ve finished simply fold in the legs at the bottom for easy and compact storage!

Check out our Pinterest boards and created pins for some more amazing ideas for your Fox Wood Co products!