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Summer Play Ideas

Summer holidays are finally here, and while it’s great to have a reprieve from the hectic day-to-day routine, it can also become a challenge to keep little ones occupied throughout the six week break.

We’ve gathered up a few of our favourite Montessori inspired summer holiday activities to give you some inspo to hit back with when they begin saying that dreaded line “I’m bored”.

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Leaf Painting

Leaves are a common tool in Montessori learning, and have so many aspects to explore. Each plant has a unique shape, texture and colour of foliage which is perfect for curious young minds to ponder. Spend some time this summer investigating the unique leaves found in your yard, and have fun making prints of each one.
For younger ones this activity can focus on shapes and colours primarily, but older children might enjoy learning the names and other more intricate botanical features of each.

Colour Coded Scavenger Hunt

Colours are an important foundation in the sensory experience, and found everywhere in our natural environment. This activity is designed to help children recognise the connection between nature and the colour spectrum by asking them to find items outside and match them to a colour. A great way to set this activity up is by using egg cartons and paint to make it easy for them to carry their ‘prizes’.
Summer is a wonderful time to engage in this fun activity, with a large amount of flowers in bloom or trips to the beach on the cards for even more natural treasure hunting opportunities. Older children may enjoy seeking out specific items from a list rather than just matching colours.

Eggshell Garden

Getting kids involved in gardening is an excellent way of encouraging a love of fruit and vegetables, a natural curiosity to try new foods and developing an understanding of the growing process. Herb and vegetable gardening is a great way to take your Montessori lessons into the backyard.
But what if your little ones are not that patient? Microgreens are quick growing and exciting to watch for little ones. Save some egg shells, fill them with damp cotton wool and seeds then place them on a windowsill and watch the magic.
For even more fun, draw some faces on the egg shells and wait for the hairstyles to appear.

Make a Web

Summer in Australia is a pretty good time to learn about spiders, the different varieties and their dangers. It’s also a good time to talk about the benefits they can have too, and why we should leave them be. All you need to get them going on this one is some string and some sticks. Older kids can take the activity further by making different spiders to decorate their webs. It’s a great way to impart some important information, while also helping motor skills.

The Classic Mud Kitchen

No summer activity list would be complete without some water and mud play. To save your sanity on wash day though, replace actual mud with sand. This activity provides a multitude of sensory play benefits as they explore the different textures and properties of the sand and water, build (and destroy) while having fun and keeping cool. Encourage them to investigate the use of different tools and use their imaginations to role play building or cooking in their mud kitchen.


Remember to be sun safe and always supervise play, especially when water is involved. We hope you’re all having a great summer!