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Out of the Box Book Storage

It’s a widely documented fact that reading to children is one of the most important things a parent can do to aid their development. Studies have shown that it’s a key factor in building their language and literacy skills, and the earlier you start, the better. Furthermore, it helps young children to bond with parents and feel calm and secure, which reduces their anxiety and stress levels (and yours!).

Building a home library is the perfect way to encourage a love of books and reading in little people, and we’ve developed a range of children’s bookshelves for every age group to ensure that no matter how big or little they are, their favourite books are never far from reach.

The Rock and Read Combo

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The Tiered Montessori Bookshelf

Smaller kids especially benefit from the ability to see what they want. Younger brains are very visually driven, which is why many pieces of Montessori furniture are designed so that everything is on display. It encourages little ones to make decisions based on what they can see, and to reach for those things themselves. This encourages independent decision making and builds confidence at the same time. 


Our tiered bookcase was designed with this in mind, and has stepped shelves that display the covers of all your favourite picture books within easy reach of small arms. Each shelf is 60mm deep, meaning you can stack in a lot of books, and there’s no height limit, so they can be in any shape or size. The base is 385mm deep, meaning it’s super sturdy and won’t tip over. It’s pretty much the perfect home or classroom library!

The Bookworm Revolving Bookshelf

The Bookworm is our revolutionary book storage solution! (see what we did there?) We designed the Bookworm with two things in mind: Maximum Fun and Minimum Floorspace. The strong square base means it’s really sturdy and won’t tip over, even with enthusiastic spinning but it still only takes up 560x560mm. The different sized shelving sections and side pockets mean you can store over 300 books of all different sizes in just one small corner of the room. It’s an entire library in one unit. Plus, the spinning function means your little ones are going to absolutely love picking out their favourites for story time.


Available in both our natural finished Australian Hoop Pine and our easy to clean White, the Bookworm Revolving is perfect for classrooms, day care centres and preschools too. It’s safe, strong and sturdy enough to endure heavy usage while not taking up too much space. It’s not hard to see why the Bookworm has become one of our most popular items.

The Novelist Revolving Bookshelf

Reading isn’t just loved by little ones though, bigger kids and grown ups need stylish, space saving book storage too. That’s where The Novelist comes in! The clever rotating vertical design means all your beloved novels can remain on display, without taking up half your wallspace. Traditional shelves can take up tons of wall and floor space, but The Novelist can sit easily in any corner. It’s a sleek and slimline bookcase that any reading enthusiast will love.


We hand make these shelves to order from sustainably sourced Australian timber, and we’re really proud to say it’s a 100% Australian owned, designed and made bookshelf. Our pine plywood is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Queensland, so you can rest assured that your beautiful shelves are also not causing any environmental damage.