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Meet our new Toy Box!

Here at Fox Wood Co. we’ve always been big advocates for learning through play, and embracing the brief moment of time in children’s lives when play makes up the majority of their time. But as parents we also know that filling their lives with play also comes with a trade off – mess. Toys. Everywhere! Over the last 12 months we’ve developed our range of Montessori shelves to help organise blocks and other items that you’d want kept out on display.

But what about everything else?

That’s why we’re now introducing the next addition to our toy storage range – Our Wooden Toy Box. Taking the same core principles from everything else we do, this toy box is made from strong and beautiful sustainably sourced Australian timber and built by hand in our factory. It’s 100% designed and made right here in Australia, and sturdy enough to withstand even the toughest of playtimes.

This is not just an ordinary toy box though. We have included some pretty cool design features to ensure that it’s the safest and most functional wooden toy box there is. Under the lid you’ll find some hydraulic stays that keep the lid open during play time, and make sure nobody’s little fingers get squashed accidentally. There’s also a nifty pocket shelf on the front for books or additional display storage and enough room underneath for shoes.

Find out more here.

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