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Making Childcare Fitouts Easy

Going through the process of building or refurbishing a childcare centre can be a minefield of endless red tape, compliance checks, enrolment paperwork and planning. Fortunately there’s one thing you don’t have to stress about anymore – your furniture.

We offer a completely customised childcare fit-out service, with the ability to create bespoke designs to cater to your requirements. Our Montessori inspired play equipment and furniture is the perfect complement to any child focused space, and is all manufactured in Australia from our factory just south of Sydney. Our products accommodate children in every age range, from babies right through to preschool and kindergarten.


If you’ve been looking for an easy one stop solution to your daycare or classroom fit-out requirements, you’ve found it.

Montessori Toy Shelf – 2 Tier Low Line

What does the Montessori classroom fit-out involve?

  1. Get in touch with our team to talk about your requirements, dreams and budget. Our design and manufacturing team are specialists in making things work – and we love making people’s Montessori inspired classroom dreams a reality.
  2. We will consult and plan with you to ensure everything you need for your childcare or preschool fit-out is absolutely perfect, and meets your budget. As a small business ourselves we know just how incredibly important that is.
  3. Once we’ve identified the key resources and furniture requirements of your learning space, we’ll provide you with a quote and manufacturing schedule.
  4. Once the project is underway, our team will stay in close contact with you regarding progress, and make sure timing, assembly and placement comes together without any hiccups.

We’re ready to help you transform your childcare space into something amazing.

Why You Should Choose Fox Wood Co. for your Early Learning Space

All of our furniture and play equipment has been designed with three things in mind: functionality, durability and safety. Each piece is designed to encourage children to become active participants in their environment, which is perfect for the childcare environment. Not only does this boost their confidence, but it’s safer too because everything is designed to be within their reach.

Many of the current products in our Montessori inspired catalogue are perfect for the childcare centre and early learning setting right out of the box, and are perfect for blending the play and learning spaces. However, if your childcare centre refurbishment requires more bespoke furniture solutions, our design and manufacturing team are able to work closely with you to achieve your refurbishment vision.

We’re passionate about providing Aussie kids with beautiful spaces to explore and play, made from the highest quality materials. All of our furniture is designed and made right here in Australia to meet the needs of families, childcare centres and Montessori classrooms right across the country.

Our Products

Our product catalogue already offers a range of furniture and equipment that is perfect for childcare fit-outs and refurbishments. They’ve all been carefully designed to benefit the development of children and encourage them to interact with their learning environment.

Montessori Weaning Chairs

With two adjustable heights to cater for little ones of different ages, our Montessori Weaning Chairs are perfect for any new childcare centre. Made from high quality Australian pine sheets, they’re designed to be sturdy enough for high usage situations, and are fitted with convenient grip handles to make moving them around easier for children and the educators. These chairs are also available with our white laminate finish for easier cleaning which can be more suited to the childcare environment. 

Montessori Activity Table

Designed to perfectly match our Montessori Weaning Chairs, the Activity Table provides the perfect solution for your classroom fit-out needs. Available in timber or white laminate finish, rectangle or square, the Activity Table is a highly versatile piece of classroom furniture that will have every child working comfortably.

The Bookworm Revolving Bookshelf

How do you display all the books on offer in your new childcare centre without using large shelves that take up a lot of floor space? The answer is our Bookworm Revolving Bookshelf. The clever design means you can store over 300 books on a floor space of only 56cm, with the different types of shelving allowing for all kinds of hard and soft cover picture books. Kids love the rotating design that encourages them to choose their own reading adventures.

Tiered Montessori Bookshelf

Inspired by the classroom, the Tiered Montessori Bookshelf fits nicely into any reading corner, and is the perfect shelf for displaying picture books of any size or shape. Available in white laminate or natural timber finish, it’s designed to be strong and able to withstand lots of little fingers. Each shelf is 60mm deep, and the base is 385mm which means it’s strong and can store books of many different sizes.

Piklers and Other Play Equipment

No early learning space is complete without places to play. Our Montessori play equipment is the perfect way to keep active little ones playing indoors and encouraging them to build confidence, motor skills and problem solving. Pikler triangles have been used in Montessori classrooms for decades as a way to assist children of all ages in movement and imaginative play. Our team is ready to assist you in fitting out your childcare centre, Montessori classroom or pre school with fun, safe and Australian made play equipment for any weather.

Some of Our Work

We recently completed a fully customised childcare centre fit-out for the SA Montessori’s new Echoes Montessori Centre, who were needing a Montessori focused furnishing solution for their brand new centre. We partnered closely with their team to plan out and design a mixture of our retail products and some custom design to create a beautiful, safe and child-focused environment for the Montessori classrooms.

With 6 other successful Montessori schools already running, the team from SA Montessori are no strangers to the childcare centre fit-out routine, and were looking for something that would suit all their requirements, make their project completion easier and most importantly provide the best learning experience for the children. Our products were able to provide these expert Montessori educators with everything they needed for their new classroom. 

We’re proud to be a part of the Echoes story.

Client Testimonial

Our vision for Echoes Montessori was always to create a space that combined aesthetic appeal with practicality. It took a long process of collaboration with our architects to create a design that included everything we feel our children deserve. We wanted our classrooms to be visually stunning for children and adults alike. It also needed to empower our little learners and ensure a smooth flow through our daily routines. When construction was complete, and our vision had come to life, we knew we were going to have to find something special to furnish the space. 


When we found Fox Wood Co., we were immediately drawn to their innovative take on classic furnishings. Fox Wood Co. furniture seemed to possess the blend of form and function that we were seeking. Their items all showed an attention to detail that we appreciated, and they had a unique look rather than a generic appearance. We approached Fox Wood Co. with optimism but uncertainty, as we were asking not just to order their existing products but to request custom made furnishings for a whole centre fit-out. We couldn’t have been happier with the response we got, as Wayne was not only willing to work with us but was genuinely enthusiastic about the project! 


We had a huge amount of personalised support from Wayne throughout the design process. He worked tirelessly to incorporate all of our requests, and was always happy to tinker with the plans until we had the perfect outcome. He then shuffled his production schedule to ensure that our project could be completed quickly. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Covid lockdowns, he would have followed the shipment to Adelaide to put it all together for us! Wayne is not only dedicated to his craft and his customers, but is also a lovely human being and was a pleasure to work with. 


We were particularly delighted that we were able to find everything we needed through an Australian business with an emphasis on family, as we are a ‘mother-and-daughter’ duo running a family business of our own. When you work with Fox Wood you aren’t being diverted to an employee who is just on-the-clock trying to make a sale; you’re talking directly to the individuals who invest their own hearts and energy into creating something special. 


We couldn’t be happier with the way that all our furniture looks and functions. Even before our classrooms officially opened, we were ‘road testing’ the furniture through Jessica’s son Robin (Barb’s grand-son) who actually used Fox Wood furniture to get up on his feet for the first time and learn to take supported steps. So, that’s an endorsement from three generations of our family! We are proud that Fox Wood Co. are now a part of our centre and our story. 


Jessica & Barbara Langford, Echoes Montessori