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How to Care for your Fox Wood Co. Products

All of our play furniture is made from strong, high quality, natural wood sourced in Australia because we understand the importance of providing products that are sturdy, safe and can withstand the test of time. We have put together a few tips below on how to maintain the beautiful natural look and quality of our products so they last a lifetime!

Water and Food Stains

As much as we would love to think that we can trust our children to wash their hands before they touch their loved play equipment and furniture, it just isn’t realistic to think that any furniture in our home will 100% escape dirty or greasy fingers! While we may put the rule in place “no eating or drinking on furniture”, there will likely be some point when we aren’t watching, that the littlest (and cutest) people in the family sneak a snack or two during play time! 

A 250ml bottle of Liquid Beeswax

To protect your wooden play furniture from water and food stains, apply Gilly’s Beeswax polish available online. This beeswax polish comes in 100ml, 200ml and 250ml bottles and we believe that it is the best one on the market! It is an eco product which is also food safe, baby/child safe and is 100% natural to ensure that your little ones are always safe during play time and protected from harmful chemicals. Gilly’s beeswax based polish is soft and creamy, designed for protecting food preparation areas to avoid permanent water and food stains. You won’t need to coat any of our white collection play furniture as the white laminate acts as a protective surface, making it much easier to clean!


Weather Damage

Our products are not designed to withstand long term weather conditions, therefore they are best to be placed inside, protected from the weather. However, if it is a beautiful day outside, don’t hesitate to temporarily move your play equipment outside and place it on a clean, dry surface. Just ensure that you bring it back inside once your kids have finished exploring and adventuring, to avoid sun, heat, water and mold damage. 


Avoiding Scratches

Scratches are much harder to remove than they are to prevent. To protect your wooden play furniture from scratches, apply Gilly’s Beeswax polish mentioned earlier and ensure that wooden play furniture is placed on a softer surface than the wood itself. For example, don’t place it on hard tiles or concrete. We recommend placing wooden play furniture on carpet or non slip play mats to ensure the safety of your child and to avoid scratches and damage to your wooden furniture. Additionally, avoid hard toys, keys, watches and similar items when handling or playing on the furniture. If your fur baby is allowed inside, don’t allow them to play on the furniture or alternatively, make sure their nails are clipped to avoid scratches!

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The best protection for your Fox Wood products

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