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Benefits of Sensory Play

With sensory play there’s always much more going on than meets the eye. Sensory play is not only fun but it always encourages your littles ones to explore and investigate independently.

These activities also support children in the development of their own method of observing, forming hypotheses, experimenting and making conclusions. All in all it’s just a super amazing way to really get those little brains ticking.

So, What is Sensory Play?

We only have 5 senses right? Wrong! We have so many different senses that can be explored through sensory play. Picking up toys and feeling their texture is often what most people think sensory play is, but it is so much more diverse than that. Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates your little ones senses, eg. touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing, movement, balance and spatial awareness. The possibilities are endless!


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The 6 Types Of Sensory Play

This is probably the type of sensory play that comes to mind when we mention sensory play. This type of play involves a child using their hands to explore an object which can teach them about pressure, temperature, vibrations, weight and so much more!

Your little one’s sense of balance comes from their vestibular system, which is located in the inner ear. Getting a child’s head into as many different positions as possible helps strengthen their vestibular system by activating various receptors in the ear. Rolling around, hanging, swinging, and jumping can all aid your child in developing their balancing skills.

This type of play helps aid your little one in discovering their spatial awareness. Through proprioception, children learn where they are physically in space and how their limbs relate to the rest of their body. Pushing, pulling, and jumping all help your child develop spatial awareness of their body. 

BANG, CRASH, BOOM! Auditory play helps your little one differentiate sounds and develop their hearing, even though it might not be your favourite. Give your child a wooden spoon and a saucepan and see how they explore sound through play. (Disclaimer: Mummy might need a glass of wine after this one).

Visual play helps to develop your child’s vision, sight and depth perception, which is closely connected to the Auditory and Vestibular systems. Playing with or identifying, colours, patterns and shapes is a fun and engaging way to encourage visual sensory play.

Olfactory relates to your little one’s sense of smell and taste. It’s hard to gauge when a child is using their sense of smell and taste, but obvious examples include when they smell flowers or test the taste of their brand new building blocks. They can develop these senses through games that encourage the exploration of smell and taste.

How Can Fox Wood Co. Help ?

Here at Fox Wood we are all about helping your little one’s development, that’s why we’ve handcrafted a beautiful range of toys to help with just that!


Wobble rocker

Our Wobble Rocker is designed to help aid your child’s climbing, balance, core strength and coordination skills development (Vestibular Sensory Play ), and most of all endless fun for your babies, infants, toddlers and children.



Our Pikler Climbing Arches are perfect for developing those essential gross motor skills directly related to Tactile Play, Visual Sensory Play and Proprioception Sensory Play. The adventure is endless, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. One day you might be climbing a mountain the next making a cubby house. Let those imaginations run wild.


Learning Towers

Our learning towers are designed to safely elevate your little ones to the perfect bench height. Making it the perfect accessory to help those budding little explorers develop their taste and smells in the kitchen or helping mum cook dinner, the possibilities are endless! (Olfactory and Taste Sensory Play, Visual Sensory Play, Tactile Play).

Wobble Rocker
Wobble Rocker
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Large Pikler Climbing Arch
Large Pikler Climbing Arch
Rated 5.00 out of 5

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