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Benefits of a Learning Tower!

How having a “Learning Tower” will make your life easier

– Written by parents with young kids

I’m going to start with the most common phrase we get from parents after they get a Learning Tower for the first time. “We didn’t know how much we needed one until we got one, now we don’t know how we would live without it.” Allowing kids to help around the house is a great we to encourage independence, creativity and curiosity. While also providing opportunities to learn and practice important skills. Learning Towers are a fantastic way to help children feel empowered! It also greatly helps with the opportunity to develop those fine motor skills we all love to talk about. Example – Helping in the kitchen under supervision is a great way to help young children feel connected to their parents, it helps them to see themselves as capable by accomplishing tasks which intern helps build confidence.


Benefits of a Learning Tower!

but first… watch this super cute video! Then scroll down to see parents 4 favourite benefits of a learning tower!

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4 Benefits of a Learning Tower

Before having the Learning Tower, I was constantly trying to cook and prepare meals while the kids were pulling at my clothes and my legs wanting to see and be involved. Holding them while I was cooking was firstly a little dangerous while trying to prepare hot meals and secondly, its almost impossible to prepare and make meals with a child on your hip! After having the Learning Tower, it has made time in the kitchen much more enjoyable for all involved. The kids are happy as they can see what is being prepared and can even help prepare in the preparation.

Trying to get them to wash their hands while holding them wriggling in your arms or balancing them on your knee. It’s just not ideal and most of the time the end result is wet clothes or water and soap on the floor. With the Learning tower they can practice their independence. Elevating them to bench height and in reach of the tap and soap makes life a breeze. (supervision is still needed, if your kids are like mine. Leave them unsupervised to long with a Learning Tower, a tap and some soap will leave you with a bubbly mess!)

Let’s face most kids have a severe case of FOMO most of the time. If they are on their Learning Tower they are no longer looking at where they would like to be, they are closer to your height and this helps them feel more included in conversations and their surroundings.

Plain and simple, they want to be involved. Having them standing there in the safety of their Learning Tower watching and helping is MUCH safer than having them standing on a stool, chair or climbing up the handles on your kitchen draws. Help them learn and explore in the safety of a Learning Tower.

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