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All About Our Large Pikler Arch

So why am I always talking about the Large Pikler Arch?

Well, the simple answer is because the range of opportunities for play and learning it provides, the smile it brings to my daughters face, the element of risk (yes I am a fan of risk in play – you’ll see why below and it gives me a chance to have a hot coffee, clean the kitchen or just plonk on the couch for 15 minutes. Besides these reasons there are a range of educational and development reasons why we love it and I’d love to share some of those and our top 5 favourite activities with you!

The Large Pikler Arch in short is an indoor climbing structure, however the possibilities it provides are endless and is a front runner when it comes to independent learning through play in my opinion. The Pikler encourages young children from 0 – 6 years to practice gross motor development skills, explore risk within a safe and controlled environment and engage in physical challenges all at their own pace. More than a simple climbing frame, The Pikler Arch can become a castle, a volcano, a rocket ship, a sensory hub for little babes; the options are only limited by you and your child’s imagination.

If you are looking for a resource that will spark imagination, bring joy, challenge your child, provide hours of fun, create problem solvers and increase self confidence then the Large Pikler Arch is for you!

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Independent Play

To encourage safe independent play, it is strongly recommended to place the Pikler in an environment free from hazards; e.g. no sharp corners, large or heavy items or anything that could pose harm to your child if they were to bang into it. A padded mat, carpet or even grass are the most suitable bases for your Pikler, they should not be used on hard surfaces such as concrete, tiles or floorboards without any soft padding. As a parent or caregiver, the Pikler encourages and enables you to support from a far and not need to be there holding your child’s hand every step of the way. Simple words of encouragement are so much more valuable when it comes to your child/ren’s progress on the Pikler than jumping up and plonking them on top; they will progress when they are ready. It really is about letting your child explore their environment independently and try new tasks or steps only when they feel they are ready and confident to do so.

The Pikler Triangle allows children to learn and explore their own boundaries at their own pace whilst encouraging and building their self-confidence. Children will set their own pace when using the Pikler and this allows parents and guardians the opportunity to watch from a far and provide support when needed. Younger children may pull themselves up on the rungs of the Pikler and explore with two feet on the floor, whilst older children may begin to climb and when they are comfortable and confident explore the opportunities of climbing all the way up and over the Pikler; little babies can even lay under the Pikler and engage in some sensory play, like hanging scarves or silks.

This is why we are huge fans and advocates of the Pikler, rather than running before they know how to walk, the Pikler provides children the opportunity to explore, engage and learn at each stage and only once they feel comfortable and confident move onto the next stage; all independently; what a way to build self confidence in your child!

Endless Possibilities

Amazing on its own, the Pikler can also be used in conjunction with other similar items including The Play Cube, Ladder or Slide. We have over time added these additional pieces to our play and it has created even more possibilities; crossing the plank from the Pikler to the cube; crawling through the cube and walking and/or sliding down the ramp. We’ve also seen a huge increase in our daughters confidence and gross motor skills at our local park, whereby previously she would not go near the cargo nets or the big rungs to climb up to the slide, now does independently and after 6 months living in isolation with no access to parks, I am confident this is hugely because of her daily climbing and adventures on her Large Pikler Arch. She may even jump off it from time to time onto padded surfaces, something that she has learnt to do on her own through identifying the risks; starting at the first rung, then adding in some pillows and moving up each rung until she is confident.

A daily play tool in our house for both young and old, watching our daughter create her very own experiences is one of our favourite reasons we love the Pikler. As well as allowing her to create her own play we from time to time provide some invitations to play that encourage her to problem solve, evaluate risk, use both fine and gross motor skills and ultimately provide her with play opportunities that are age appropriate and put a smile on that little face.

Here are just a few ways we love to use our Pikler, Play Cube, Ladder and Ball Run in our daily play:

Using some silks and dinosaurs’ figurines, we tied them to different rungs and Moo had to get in the Pikler to untangle, stand on top of the Pikler to reach some and unwind silks in between each rung.

Large Pikler Arch with Dinosaurs and girl playing


We added some wooden rings and flashcards to create a giant abacus, it took about 10 minutes to add them all on and it stayed this way for quite a few days. Some insta friends have also done this with cardboard rolls cut with a slit so they could slide on, pipe cleaners, ribbon and so many other options, really it is up to you.

Large Pikler Arch with girl learning numbers attached

Our other favourite product to use with our Pikler is our Connetix Tiles, flip the Pikler on its side, add some Connetix tiles and we had ourselves a boat which then turned into a desk, then a fire truck and finished with lots of banging and crashing as we knocked everything down.

Large Pikler Arch with Connetix Blocks

The perfect addition to the Pikler is the Marble Run / Slide, with a built-in marble run it is the perfect quiet time activity to promote coordination, timing and problem solving. The marble run is always a hit in our house!

Wooden Marble Run with girl playing


Stephanie Pickering @our.dandelion.days 


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Large Pikler Climbing Arch
Large Pikler Climbing Arch
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Slide & Marble Run in One
Slide & Marble Run in One
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Shape Sorter Cube
Shape Sorter Cube
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