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About Us

Fox Wood Co. is a combination of two Australian families with young kids who decided to extend our passion for making quality Australian products and locally based manufacturing into launching our own business. We want to see beautiful Australian products on the market that will stand the test of time. Fox Wood Co was created from a foundation of wanting to provide families all over the country with enjoyment and adventure in their very own homes and support Australian craftsmanship. This means you can rest assured all of our products are built by us, in Australia, using the highest quality Australian sourced materials, and we’re proud to wear the Australian Made logo.

Our entire range is designed, made, packaged and shipped by us!

The Fox Wood Co. Team

One half of the team includes Wayne, proud dad of an energetic 2 year old girl. He’s a fully qualified cabinet maker & detailed joiner with fifteen years’ experience across various industries, nine years of which he has been specialising in programming and running precision CNC machines. He heads up our team, running our production centre and hand building our beautiful range of products.

The other half of the team, Jess and Mick, husband and wife duo and parents of two children. One, a gorgeous 4 year old girl who since the age of two decided she was a ‘big girl’ and didn’t need a day time nap (much to mum’s disappointment). The other is an energiser bunny, 18 month old boy who would climb the Eiffel Tower if given the chance. Jess and Mick’s creative minds and endless need to keep both kids entertained meant they were perfect partners to join forces with, in creating a bright future for everyone.

Chasing Our Dream

Together, we saw an opportunity to create a successful business and at the same time control our own future. We made the decision to take matters into our own hands by starting the passion project that had been in the back of our minds for some time. It was like the old saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. So with one of us out of work and another almost out of work we knew that this was our opportunity to make this project a reality.

Wayne’s passion for joinery and CNC machining combined with Jess and Mick’s creative minds, allowed us to achieve our passion project which was to provide endless entertainment for our kids as well as yours. Our team started to think of ways our lives could be made easier, while at the same time provide fun and entertainment for our children.

Montessori Focus

All of our kids’ products are suitable for the Montessori method of education, based on self-directory activity, interactive learning, discovery and collaborative play. In particular, the Pikler Climbing Arch provides children with the ability to interact with it and guide motor development at their own pace. Like other products in our range, it encourages risky play, which helps develop balance, coordination, judgement skills and most importantly – curiosity and imagination!

Montessori furniture can help children develop self-confidence and motor skills by giving them more opportunities to explore their environment and participate in family life. Having shelves, tables and chairs that are tailored to your child’s size allows them to manoeuvre their surroundings with confidence and engage in independent play at their leisure. Learning Towers and Steps give kids a chance to join in with cooking and other activities, developing fine motor and general life skills. We developed our product range to help our children, and fully believe in what we do!

We're always happy to answer any questions you might have, please don't hesitate to get in touch.